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Antioxidants Detoxify Our systems in a natural way

Essential Antioxidants to Prevent Disease and Promote Good Health Naturally

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Home Remedies

People encounter different toxins every day during their lives. Some are manmade and others are natural, but the bottom line is that as long as you live, some toxins will enter your body. While these toxins are, for the most part, harmless, you don’t want them to stay in your system if you can help it.

Luckily there are plenty of antioxidants out there that are designed to help people detoxify their systems in a natural way.

Antioxidants are useful for slowing the aging process by purifying the body’s systems and promoting healthy bodily functions. It is important to add these essentials to your diet to encourage good health and prevent virulent disease.




Foods that naturally contain antioxidants are the easiest to include in your diet. Usually antioxidant rich foods are plant floods like fruits, nuts and grains. The following foods are excellent sources of antioxidants:

• Berries: The best berries containing antioxidants are blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, cranberries and strawberries. Eat them whole, drink their juices, and add them to different dishes and desserts. When eating whole fruits, be sure to eat the skin which is where the majority of nutrients are found. The best way to spot antioxidant rich berries is through their color: dark, rich colors of red, blue, and black are a tell-tale sign of antioxidant rich fruit.

• Fruits: Like berries, many other delicious fruits contain antioxidants. Apple varieties (meaning foods with seeds and peels) such as cherries, avocados, red and green pears, kiwis, dried plums, pineapple, oranges, and more can do the trick.

• Beverages: When taken in moderation, many drinks rich in antioxidants can do wonders on the body. These drinks should be taken once or twice day for best results. They include coffee, green tea, red wine, and plenty of fruit juices like blackberry cranberry, and pomegranate.

• Nuts: Nuts are an excellent source of protein as well as antioxidants. Adding certain nuts to a diet can help give the body a boost of protein and other vital nutrients. These include walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, and pecans.

• Veggies: Not surprisingly, plenty of vegetables contain vast amounts of antioxidants that are good for your body. Eating daily helpings of artichokes, potatoes (with peels), broccoli, red cabbage, and spinach give your system an extra boost of essential vitamins and antioxidants.

• Desserts: Forget everything negative you’ve heard about dessert because it turns out some are filled with essential antioxidants. The best dessert to eat, of course, is delicious dark chocolate. Natural dark chocolate drinks, bars, and snacks are a sweet way to add antioxidants to your diet.




Many vitamins contain essential antioxidants as well. These can be found in certain foods or taken through supplements.

They include:

? Vitamin C: Vitamin C has proven to have anti-cancer effects as well as decrease symptoms of the common cold and strengthen immunity.

? Vitamin A: This vitamin is essential for great vision and has been shown to protect against many cancers.

? Vitamin E: Known as one of the most popular antioxidants, vitamin E helps strengthen activity in the lipids which can reduce and prevent coronary heart disease.

? Calcium: Most commonly found in dairy products, calcium is an important mineral for healthy bones that won’t break or become brittle. This mineral is essential for strengthening the skeletal structure and its various functions.

? Magnesium: This mineral is needed to build a strong cardiovascular system. The best benefit of magnesium is its protection of the heart to prevent against heart attacks, strokes, and other serious conditions.

Prevent disease, promote ideal health, and live long with a daily dose of these and other antioxidants.

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